It's okay to cry.
Let your emotions show.
Let it all out.
Don't continue to drown in your sorrow.
Rise above.
Let your voice be heard.
Cry out loud.
Don't be ashamed.
You have the right.
No one can tell you to silence yourself.
Stand up tall.
Make your stand.
Do not go quietly.
Do not go at all.
Your voice needs to be heard.
Do some good for this world.
When there is so much apathy prevalent.
You can believe in you.
And that voice within you.
So let those tears fall.
It's not a sign of weakness.
Rather, it shows great courage.
You can be your own hero.
Let your light shine.
Let your spirit soar.
Raze this living hell to the ground.
Throw the ashes to the wind.
Bring down the scorched, crimson skies.
The world must know.
That it is dying a slow death.
Cry for the world, as do I.
We are one in the same.
We both see the decline 
  of both the Western and Eastern civilizations.
It's enough to cry over.
It is so very sad.
But it doesn't have to be this way.
There is still hope for all of mankind.
Hope is rising everyday.
And hope is all we have.
There is still good in this world and man.
I believe it, do you?
Together we can bring a change to this world.
For there was once only One.
Then the One became the Twelve.
Now look at us.
We may be the problem with this world.
But we can be the solution too.
As long as you, me, we.
Stand together, unified and united.
So shed those tears.
It's a crying shame the way the world is.
And people have to see the gravity 
  of the situation.
Cry, cry out loud.
Be the change.
Together we can fan the fires of revival
  into a raging inferno.
You cry for the world.
I'll cry for the world.
Lets believe we can all still change, 
 for the better.


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