I fight my own battle.
For it is for me and for me alone to fight.
I've been here before.
With my back up against the wall.
And pushed into a corner.
I stood my ground.
I gave not a single bit.
I was bent over.
But I did not break.
Down and out.
But I arose and came forward.
I took the battle to my enemy.
I cut him down.
He did not get back up.
Then I left.
Continuing the journey I walk alone.
The enemy I defeated was me.
My own worst enemy.
I will not look back.
I will not look for another battle to fight.
Here and now is where I am.
It is quite enough to deal with.
I can only handle so much.
But I will ever keep a wary eye.
I will remain ever vigilant.
For my enemy is cunning and knows me 
  very well.
But I know him just as well.
And am just as cunning.
I am not afraid to step up.
I am not afraid to step to him.
I will stand and stand strong.
No time for tears here.
No time for self pity.
This is my battle.
I will fight it.
Let there be no doubt of that.
It is my own and my own alone to fight.
I will fight!


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