These feelings that I feel take so much from me.
There is very little of me left.
I'm not sure how to feel about this.
My emotions are beating me up again.
I am black and blue all over on the inside.
I just want to rip the heart right of me.
Then I'd feel no more.
And my emotions would have no other recourse.
Finally my mind could have some rest.
Maybe even some peace of mind,
instead of piece of mind.
I wish I could forget it all.
My burnt memories leave a bad taste behind.
Just cut me open and let all this bleed out.
Even if it means I'd be empty and hollow.
That would suit me just fine.
Then there'd be nothing left for anything to feed on.
And there'd be no more of me left.
I no longer care anyway.
Oh just to take it all away.
Just leave me be,
leave me alone.
I don't want you here any more.
You made me hate you,
which in turn made me hate myself.
This is what's happening to me.
This is my suffering.
The hell that I am drowning in.
As sorrow pulls me down ever deeper.
I have no more use.
Just let me die.
And let me live.
Just empty me of everything.
Nothing left to feel.
Let atrophy take my emotions.
And then just leave me be.


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  1. "Just let me die.
    And let me live."

    Nice twist on words. I remind myself that it's coming soon enough. This life, while excruciatingly painful for some, is just a drop in the bucket, compared to the joy that is to come. It seems so unbearable that we feel that we just can't hold on. Come swiftly Lord Jesus, though I know you will not come until the appointed time. I hope it is soon.


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