I am torn.
Broken and beaten.
My life is all about pain.
I know so much hurt.
From so many harms.
My tears flow freely.
Pulling me down.
Into a sea of pity.
Where I drown.
I am overcome.
I can no longer hold my head above.
The darkness is coming swiftly.
It will wash over me.
I can see the storm coming.
Far off into the distance.
I have nowhere to go.
Nowhere to hide.
I am exposed.
And that is what is killing me.
I would give anything.
Just to know one moment's peace.
Just to know one moment's peace
   of mind.
I would die for that.
Just to wake up not fearing the day.
But this is my lot.
This is my measure.
Break all my teeth.
Break all my bones.
Tear off all the flesh.
The pain cannot compare with
   what I "live" with each day.
So I close my eyes.
I try to close my mind.
Knowing deep down I am cursed.
To keep reliving the past.
Its' talons dug deep into my soul.
Through the cracks in my mind.
I am slowly bleeding out.
If only I could release the pressure.
All of this would not be overflowing.
Carrying me away far down the river.
Where I am lost forever.


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