I listen to the gentle falling of rain drops.
I feel at peace.
Something unfamiliar to me.
I imagine all that grows as they greedily
   swallow the life giving water.
And I am mindful of God's good grace.
For He provides for all of His Creation.
I take in the aroma of the wet grass
  and wet pines and evergreens.
It reminds me of the ever turning cycle
   of life.
Everything is new.
Born time and time again.
The rain washes away the old.
Making room for the new.
When the rain stops there sprouts that
   new life.
All the dirt and grime of the world
   is washed away as well.
With every ending starts a new beginning.
Mother nature is ever at work watching
   over God's creation, nature.
For out in nature that's when one is
   closest with our Lord.
Lord over all.
Oh how I love to stand out in the rain.
And stare up at the sky, watching
   the rain drops coming down on me.
Making me feel like the world and life
   are being washed away.
Something I most sorely need.
I feel so alive in moments like these.
Saturated with God's perfect love.
Rain, rain please do not go away.
Stay awhile longer.
Make me feel new again.
And when you must depart I know
   I can depend on God's new light.
To wash over everything.
Like He's telling us He loves us so much.
Oh how I love the rain.
Both gentle and driving.
God please let the rains come and wash
   my pain away.


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