So far from Eden.
So far from who we we are.
So far from who we could be.
Long forgotten.
The grey fog covers.
Babble, babble, babble.
We are the nameless generation.
Meant for so much.
Left to our own means.
Never reaching the end that would justify.
What have we done?
What have we become?
Raised on toys with brains.
Knowledge is manufactured.
Wisdom has become a lie.
Fact is fiction.
Fiction, the new religion.
Always wanting more.
Always wanting.
Desiring the untrammelled.
Staring at the stars.
Wanting to touch just one.
Wanting to go beyond.
Fearing the unknown.
Ever trying to find it.
Endlessly trying to surpass it.
Men in power.
Pretending they were a god.
Believing their own lies to be truth.
They think they are in control.
Fearing the uncontrollable.
We are all deceived.
We have wondered for way too long.
We have created our own god.
We pretend to worship it.
Our confessions are empty.
Said with fear.
The blind lead the blind.
Religion is god.
An idol looked to for saving.
Praying to long dead men.
Calling them "saints".
Calling them "fathers", "mother", and
"Oh Rabbi, Rabbi, lead us home."
   We cry out in vain.
What of the Lamb that was slain?
Has all the blood run dry?
Have we killed God?
Calling one man god now.
Not seeing him for what he is.
A wolf in sheep's covering.
What have we done?
What have we become?
Every night we see anger.
Every night we see hate.
A box has become our saviour now.
Man is still creating their own towers
   of Babel.
Everyone wants to be the highest.
The New Covenant has grown stale.
The Old Covenant has returned.
God on his broken throne.
Dealing out judgement based on lies.
Darkness covers.
And we see it as light.
Evil has become holy.
The wicked have murdered faith, hope,
   and love.
Forgotten, forsaken the Way, the Truth,
   and the Life.
Separating from the One True God.
The One Most High.
Bowing before manufactured wooden
Everything is hollow tradition.
Bowing down before symbols of evil 
Oh, how far we have come.
Oh, how far we have wandered.
We are lost and do not even know it.
All we know is what we see.
Theory is reality.
Oh how great and wise we are.
Going forward when actually going 
   in reverse.
Ancient teaching put on shelves to gather
Putting all trust in words many times 
The ancient language of love has been lost
   in the translation.
We read all the books.
Calling them holy.
Thinking we are growing closer to God.
Wanting the Divine.
Accepting a lie instead.
Just stories from long ago.
We come together to make ourselves
   feel good.
Saying we love each other.
But, how can that be?
When we judge.
We are angry.
So we hate.
Thinking we are becoming holy.
Just because we "believe".
We "believe" in vain.
We use God's Name in vain.
Calling ourselves righteous.
Forgetting it is the sinner who is being 
The Chosen Few.
Our ways are not His ways.
We are not what He meant us to be.
We were meant for so much more.
We instead created sin.
We left Eden far behind.
Never giving it a single thought again.
We have forgotten.
We, who call ourselves gods.
But love is still speaking.
That still, small voice.
The long lost ancient language of love
Still cries, still screams.
Do not harbour silence in your hearts.
For silence kills and devours.
Listen, hear.
God still loves us all.
He is still speaking to us all.
So few hear.
Love is what we were meant for.
Hope still exists.
Faith is so much more than we think it is.
Listen, hear.
The long lost ancient language of love.
The religion of the false gods just babble.
Do not be deceived.
Truth is a lie.
Love is just a word, a feeling.
What do you see?
What do you hear?


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