Down through the ages.
I have been alone.
Left on my own.
And to my own devices.
I caused so much damage.
My anger fed my hate.
I just grew in suffering.
It was an acid.
Eating away at me.
Despair devoured me whole.
I continued on living this way.
It seemed like an eternity.
I knew someone was there.
But I had dug such a void between us.
I lived in an abyss.
I was just not listening.
I turned away.
Till I did not believe any more.
I was so confused.
Frustration came upon me.
As the confusion overcame me.
All hope was gone.
I felt so separated.
I had removed You from me.
Still I could feel someone.
A whisper in my ear.
My heart and soul could hear You.
i lost my confusion.
My tears felt warm on my face.
They fell just like a driving rain.
Down on my bloodied hands and knees.
I was soaked straight through.
I was saturated.
I felt so alive for the first time.
A light broke through all the layers of
I realized what I was missing.
I was missing.
And I was missing You.
The peace that I craved so sorely.
All the pieces began to fall into place.
The cracks remained.
They were my scars.
My beautiful scars.
The mess I was became one big
   beautiful mess.
They remind me of just how much I need
You love me as I am.
You love me such as I am.
You love who I am.
I do not want to wander away again.
For I love You so.
In pieces You made me whole.
You welcomed this prodigal son back
This is where I belong.
This is home.
This is where my heart is.
I am home.



  1. I like this:

    "...The mess I was became one big
    beautiful mess.
    They remind me of just how much I need

    We don't think that Jesus did very much if we don't have much for which to be forgiven.


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