I have travelled far.
Just to end up in the middle of nowhere.
Nothing to see for miles around.
No land, no sea, no sky.
I choke on the invisible air.
It's hard to imagine.
What just is not there.
This is my journey of a thousand
I have taken with a thousand first
I am not going anywhere.
I am even not going in circles.
One step forward, two steps back
   is a lie.
Truth is, no one goes anywhere.
What is anywhere anyway?
I thought I came so far.
All full of hope.
Now I am on empty.
And truth is, I have not come at all.
Every beginning has no ending.
Every ending has no beginning.
So here I am, nowhere.
Just where is nowhere?
How can it exist if it is not there?
Is life just another lie to be told?
Just a legend with no heroes.
Just a myth but with no tale.
Far is as near and near is as far.
Everything cancels everything out.
What does everything really mean?
There is no reason.
There is no design.
There is no purpose.
There is no why or how.
All is in vain.
All is vain.
Why am I writing this anyway?



  1. Reminds me of what I discovered and wrote in response to our illusion that we can never love again. People are inclined to say this when a person is no longer in their lives for one reason or another. Then we pick it up and begin to repeat it as if it is engraved in stone, or "Bible." So I put these thoughts down, and plan to make wall art of it.


    "I used to think that nothing changes

    …that I would never feel for another like I feel for one.

    But, the whole universe, from the micro to the macro, is constantly reforming…renewing…regenerating.

    I used to think that words and actions were engraved in stone, from a heart that is immovable…unchangeable.

    I have learned that everything means something…

    …and all things mean nothing.

    If I accept this knowledge, I can leave the past behind. I don’t have to feel guilty, or feel the need to be faithful to it.

    Maybe, just maybe, I can receive the opportunity to love again…

    …even deeper than before."

    Here it is designed using some simple, celestial graphics with my text: http://sdrv.ms/NJ0DtR

    1. You are quite right Sandi.
      I was a little angry, can't remember why, so this a bit of a vent I guess.
      Sometimes one just needs to blow of steam and release all the pressure.


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