My world is darkness,
Silence killing me slowly.
Icy fingers squeeze my throat tightly.
I cannot breathe.
Everything is fading to black.
I am burnt out.
Lost deep within myself.
Deep within the abyss that is my soul.
The silence is screaming within the
   prison that is my mind.
The six walls that surround me.
I feel like death.
I am rot and decay.
My life is a grave.
Lost within my despair.
Lost within my loneliness.
The pressure is growing as the silence
   grows louder.
And louder still.
I forget where  I am.
I forget who I am.
Maybe I just don't want to.
Reality is just so frightening.
I just want to escape.
Before I am overcome by all of this.
Sinking deeper down within myself.
My cries have become endless echoes
   reverberating inside my head.
Is this the end of me?
Can I run away?
Can I hide away?
I'm lost as it is.
I just want to become numb.
I do not want to feel.
Anything other than this is better
   than the hell I have been living.
I want out.
I want to be far away from here.
To rest just once.
To see the sunlight once again.
To be free of this darkness.
To find myself for the first time again.
Somewhere is so far away.
Nowhere is right here.
Life is killing me softly.
Swallowing me.
Devouring me.
Do I exist?
Did I ever?
I do not know.
I just want to know.
Where am I.
Who am I.
Was I?



  1. I feel like this a lot. I even wrote something that had so many of the same words... I feel your pain, empathesise.

  2. This is just so powerful. I can so much relate to these words. I actually just wrote a 4 part story on my blog about depression/mental illness. If you have a chance, check it out! Wonderfully written poem! :)


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