Time passes everyone by.
Leaving them far behind.
We're all caught
   in the dust cloud.
And lose perspective
   for a short while.
Feeling disoriented can be
Confusion and frustration
   often set in.
Life's hard enough as it is.
With the ever passing moment
   ever passing.
Time borrowed is coming due.
And is almost gone.
Before you know it,
   it will all be over.
When it's too late you will
   know it.
All those wasted years.
They should have been
   all golden.
Instead they're tarnished.
There we sit crying,
   "Oh woe is me."
No point in lamenting now.
You had your chance.
Just one chance.
You choose to use it.
Or you choose to loose it.
But, all this is yet to come.
You still have your chance.
Don't let fear get in the way.
Fear is your greatest enemy.
You are in control.
Do not hold yourself back.
Let go of your fear.
And hold onto your hope.
Hope will never let
   you down.
Hope is stronger than fear
   and time.
Hold on for dear life.
For all that you're worth.
Don't hold anything
   to chance.
It will surely take it.
Then it will be gone.
Leaving you standing
   there, empty handed.
You are in control.
It's your choice.
Remember only one thing
   is for sure.
And that is change.
You can always depend
   on that.
This is it.
Choose now, choose wisely.
Don't let chance steal
You are above all that.
Follow your heart.
You'll never go astray.
Right here, right now.
Time is running out.
Don't you let it.
Better get with it then.



  1. I love poetry and I thought this was great. God bless you. ~

    1. Thank you for your kind words.
      I see poetry as the voice of the heart and soul.


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