So very young.
So very innocent.
With hopes and dreams.
With not a care to be had.
Then there are those who would take 
   advantage of their innocence.
There are those who would prey on those
   little ones.
God, can You tell me why?
Their lives had barely begun.
Only to have it snuffed out in an instant.
Brutal and harsh is the world.
But this goes way beyond that.
To have such young lives taken so early.
Without reason.
Without understanding.
Who cries for the little ones?
Who watches over them?
Where did they go?
Who's to blame for these evil deeds?
Oh, the evil that men do.
So horrifying.
So horrendous.
Many more lives die with them too.
The ones left behind.
The ones who loved them.
I cry for the little innocent child.
So young, so fragile.
The perfect prey for the fearful predator.
And where's the justice for the innocent?
Who will fight for the weak?
Who will stand and scream, "Enough
   is enough?"
God please send Your angels 
   to watch over these little innocent ones.
And I pray that they make it to Heaven okay.
For the children all belong to You.
No more suffering.
No more pain.
Of little solace now.
They are still no longer here.
A hole is left in the heart where they used to be.
A wound that will never heal.
A wound that will continue to bleed.
God please, I do not understand.
Where were your angels during those times?
Did You turn away as they were tortured?
Why did You do nothing?
Where's the meaning in all of this?
How is Your will being done?
Oh God, please save the young, little, 
   innocent ones.
They do not deserve to die in such a horrible
It's all the innocent ones that die too young.
God please comfort those left behind.
And I pray for those evil men that would
   do these evil deeds.
Please Lord, this must end.
If not You, then who will protect the helpless?
Who will watch over them then?
Please God, hold them in Your mighty hands.
Not one more tear should be shed.
The little children were meant  to laugh
    and play.
And play they will, free!


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