I have walked alone.
I walk alone.
Down a straight but narrow path.
Down a crooked and broken path.
I have lost my way.
I have disappeared without a trace.
Even leaving myself behind.
I have been empty.
I am empty.
I hunger, I thirst.
I am still looking for what I have not found yet.
Whatever that may be.
I have been here before.
I will be here again, as if I never left.
Truth is a lie, and I believe.
Fact is fiction, to me it's reality.
I have lost myself.
I am lost.
I have cried.
I am crying.
I have questioned.
I am awaiting a reply.
Where do I go from here?



  1. I've enjoyed most the work you have posted in the communities we share but this one really touches me great poem love the contrast of ideas, strait paths and crooked and broken paths it shows the confusion of feelings we all have and today for me it fits so well, you have a marvelous voice, thank you ...(I hope this reply also subscribes me to your blog i cant find how i do that im new to the blogging thingy but if it doesnt ill still follow your posts through the poetry communities you link too)

  2. Anonymous20/4/13 06:15

    Yes, I love the contrast of ideas here too. This is lovely piece, I could relate to it. It made me think of when I am trying to brush off certain emotions (by walking) and how I have previously reacted to them, and how I just keep coming back to the same place, like there's just no escape. Thank you


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