I see the dark in this world.
Oh what people are capable of.
Evil is so prevalent.
Chaos seems to be taking over.
Truth and love seem to be invisible.
All seems to be hopeless.
This is a world burning.
But I choose to look beyond.
Looking with my heart.
I see the good there.
I see the beauty there.
I believe the heart of Man is inherently good.
Evil is not relevant.
It is moot.
In life one and one doesn't make two,
   one and one make one.
We are capable of amazing and wondrous things.
When we come together.
Only then can we be strong.
Man is not meant for darkness, evil deeds,
  or selfishness.
I believe there is still hope.
Hope is always rising.
There is no such thing as false hope or no hope.
Hold onto hope, hope will never let you down.
Only with hope can we see the truth and the love
   that still exist in life.
You only need believe.
This world is still burning, but I believe
    we can rise above it all.
God's grace is there.
All you have to do is let it take hold.
And watch as you begin to soar.
I believe this world needs a Saviour.
I believe revival is stirring.
I close my eyes to what is seen and see only 
   the unseen.
For the seen will pass away.
What is unseen is eternal.
What is seen and unseen are choices to make.
I have made my choice.


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