You are the One that I love.
My first, only, and last love.
Without You I am nothing.
You gave me existence.
You gave me purpose.
You opened my eyes to what my life was for.
You are my reason for living.
I can live because You lived, died and arose.
You have always been there for me.
You came when I needed You the most.
When I wanted to die, You would not let me.
Instead You gave me life.
You breathed life into me.
You keep me alive.
You are Friend.
You are Brother.
You are Lord of all.
You remain ever faithful.
Even when I walk away.
I always walk away.
I go astray, loosing myself in the process.
My wanderlust is overpowering, overwhelming.
But You are stronger.
You never let go of me.
You stay right with me.
You move all Heaven and Earth.
Nothing will ever keep You from me, 
   nor I from You.
Not even me.
You are forever true.
You love with an unfailing love.
If only I could say the same.
It is not much, but it is all I have to give.
Thank You God.
I am just thankful for everything.
With every beat of my heart,
   with every breath I take.
With every word I speak.
With every word I write.
With everything my eyes behold.
With everything good I feel.
With every thought in my brain.
I have hope in the faith I have in You.
I will hold onto them, knowing I will not be
   let down.
At the end of the day, after all's been
   said and done.
Only You remain.
Down on my scarred knees, with my scarred
   hands reaching for You, I call out to You.
With a still, small voice You answer.
I can hear You, I can feel You.
I cannot see You, but I know You are with me.
Forever with me.
I give myself over to You.
I surrender.
I am Yours, now, forever, and a day.
It just does not seem enough to say with mere
   words, but thank You.
Thank You.



  1. Wow, that was really so beautifully said. You do a wonderful job expressing your deep love for Him, and understand His even deeper love for you. Great job.

    1. Thank you so very much. Yes indeed, my love for God goes deep, just as you said, His love goes even deeper. All praises to God who alone is worthy. PSALM 18:1=FOR I LOVE YOU, OH LORD, MY STRENGTH.


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