Who am I that You would love me.
Such as I am.
I have only brought You grief and heartache.
Still, You stay with me at my side.
You never forsake me.
Even when I do You.
When I wander astray You move all Heaven 
   and Earth just to find me.
I do not even understand why You even bother.
I am just one, insignificant man. 
 And a broken one at that.
Why did You leave the ninety-nine just for me?
All that I know, with all surety, 
   is that You loved me first.
When I felt unloved.
When I felt all alone.
When I felt forgotten and forsaken.
You, and You alone loved me.
You are my first love.
Forever, my first love, my only love.
None shall ever replace You.
None shall ever come before You.
Even when I forget.
Wandering away again and again.
You will not leave me prodigal.
Oh, how I need You!
More and more everyday.
I am addicted.
I need my fix everyday.
I just cannot live without You.
Apart from You I am nothing.
You are the oxygen that I breathe.
Your grace is what sustains me.
Through thick and thin.
Through the good and the bad.
You remain at my side.
You will not let me go.
You will not desert me.
I do not deserve love and faithfulness
   such as Yours.
In fact I deserve the opposite.
Most would have left me behind.
Most would have given up on me.
But, not You, oh my Lord, my Saviour.
I love You even more than myself.
I love You so much it hurts.
Knowing full well just how much I have 
   hurt You.
It must feel like a dagger piercing Your heart.
It must feel like the nails into Your wrists and 
Just like the crown of thorns upon Your brow.
Just like the flogging that tore Your flesh.
It must feel like the breaking of Your body.
I killed You, I murdered You, I denied You.
On that broken tree You showed just how
   much You love me.
A man such as I am.
Weak and afraid.
Afraid to live, afraid to even try.
Still, You love me, You love...me!



  1. wow! that's all i have to say...as i am always astonished by the poems, that are formed with such delicacy, care and heed. beautiful creation it is :D

    1. Thank you so very much, this is a huge encouragement to me. God bless & Godspeed.


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