Who am I to you?
That you would look down on me.
Judge me for what I am not.
You just cannot see me.
Your arrogance has made you ignorant.
I am wise to your ways.
Still all you do and say to me hurts.
It really hurts.
More than I care to show.
You matter not.
Still your words pierce my heart.
My soul is torn.
My mind is hurt.
I guess I do not matter either.
For some reason you have the upper hand.
And you have a following.
All are against me.
Your poison infects and is contagious.
You bring out the worst in me.
I cannot help it, I hate you and yours.
I believe in love.
But it seems to have left me.
I cannot fight this, no, not on my own!
How can I just walk away from it all?
How do I deal with it?
And what does that mean?
But I do know this one thing...
I am glad I am different from you.
Your hate makes you hideous.
And I can now see.
Love is still with me.
It is you who is void of love.
I pity you.
The pain you must feel from your own harms.
Still, that does not give you the right to...
   punish me for someone else's sins.
There is no excuse for your own sins.
Do not bring them down on me.
I did nothing to deserve your wrath.
I am better than all this.
I am so high above it all.
I watch you going down.
Spiralling down into your own deep abyss.
You have condemned your own self.
So you condemn me in turn.
Your harms become mine.
Does it do you any good?
Does it comfort you in some perverse way?
I care not.
You can just stay in all your own filth.
I care not.
How miserable you must be.
I care not.
For you have always dumped all the same...
   on me.
Your words and actions have always been...
   a flogging to me.
You do not see the wounds.
The wounds that will one day be scars.
I will see that I survived and you did not.
I may always be different from every one.
Just as every one is different to me and...
   each other.
All you put me through, as hurt it did,
   it taught me how to see who I really am.
I am not you.
I am me, just me, as I am.
Accept me or leave me.
It matters not.
I will always be me, just me, as I am.


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