Slice me open.
Tear all of me out.
Let the blood spread.
Take who I am and throw me away.
Swallow what is left whole.
Spit me back out.
'Cause I am spoiled rotten.
Poison in your mouth.
I will surely infect you.
I will watch you convulse.
I will watch you die.
I will watch you decay and disappear.
As if you never existed.
I had you as my very own demon.
The chip that was on my shoulder.
Now I have swept you away.
I have exercised you.
And you lie before me as a stain on the ground.
No longer will you haunt me.
No longer will you torment me night and day.
I will not give you another thought.
I will not waste any moment on 
   remembering you.
I still have the scars though.
They remind me of how I rose above you.
So very high above.
Up above the heavens.
Into the searing light of eternity.
I am alive.
I will fight.
Legion, I dare you to come at me.
Try your worst.
Better is He that is in me.
Like all the a for mentioned.
You will all end up just a stain on the ground.


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