You stabbed a jagged blade straight through
   my heart.
You poured the poison now infecting me
   down my throat.
You tore my soul to shreds.
You took my already fractured heart 
   and broke it even more.
Then dropped it down to the ground.
Crushing it into dust 'neath your foot.
No thought was given.
You callously pushed me down.
Casting me away.
I could only sit there and watch you leaving
   in a dust cloud.
I am left here with my fresh wound.
Bleeding freely.
I watch the crimson flow.
I think to myself, "I don't deserve this."
I am here questioning why.
Why is it all my fault?
You might as well have stuck a gun 
   in my mouth and pulled the trigger.
I am here dying anyway.
You just don't know what you did to me.
Tore me all apart.
Spilled my blood.
Bleeding me dry.
You just cannot see me here.
Falling into the river that will carry me away 
   to the sea.
At least my tears will be washed away.
Not eating away at me like acid any more.
Here I am in a pool of my own blood.
But you're not here.
At least there's one good thing out of all this.
I will rise again.
I will heal eventually.
I will have another scar.
I will remember how you hurt me.
Someday I will forgive you.
Just not today, nor tomorrow, or the day after.
It will be an epic struggle, but I will struggle on.
Because that's who I am.
Love tells me to forgive.
I cannot ignore it.
Even though it hurts so very much.
Because you hurt me.
I will be that much stronger.
As will the fear, hurt and pain.
And you will never know.
I will not let you.
You are oh so far gone, and that suits me fine.
It matters not any more that you hurt me.


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