I have burned too many bridges.
I'm finding myself all alone here.
I need someone more than ever now.
But I am all alone, and it's just no help at all.
I cannot even help myself.
Down on bloodied knees crying.
Defeated, broken, disillusioned, beaten.
There's no open doors for me.
Not even a window I could climb into.
Here I am suffocating with the despair.
Victimized again am I.
And what makes matters worse, I allow it all.
I can see it all coming back around 
  and hitting me hard on the head.
I go down hard.
Not so sure I'm going to get back up again.
My tears are going to freeze me here for sure.
Or at the very least drown me.
I made my world the way it is.
I made my life one that is dead.
Here in a cell of my own making.
Six walls, no windows, no door.
I come undone.
I fall all to pieces.
My sky has fallen down on me.
My earth has been scorched.
All that I thought to be good has been razed 
  to the ground.
Forsaken, helpless, hopeless, forgotten and 
  left behind.
I am wondering what I did to deserve all this.
I just do not know what is going on.
I'm about all used up.
There is very little of who I was left.
My soul is torn like flesh is torn from bone.
My heart is all cut up.
I am all in pieces.
Decaying, rotting.
I am naked, shivering out in the cold, cold 
  driving rain.
I am misery.
The measure I have been given.
The measure I have accepted as my lot in life.
So I will just lay down here.
I pray to God that I find peace some day, 
  some how.
Oh God save me.
Please, can You save me from all this?
Please, can You save me from myself?
Here I am.
I'm not going anywhere.
I am out in the middle of nowhere.
God I am waiting for You to came and find me.
Am I too far gone?
Are You too far away?
Here I am.


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