Silent was your approach.
I didn't hear a sound.
Then you made the breech.
Still I did not know.
I had been compromised.
In my mind you sought to destroy me.
You ate at the very fibres of my mind.
No more pretending.
I knew you were there all the time.
Still I let you in.
I let you get to me.
I let you damage me.
Damage that would be lasting.
My screams just reverberated inside my head.
Deafening were they.
And it made me mad.
It almost drove me there.
But I don't stay down that easily.
I always seem to rise above.
No matter what adversity.
After all's been said and done, 
  I'm the much stronger for it.
I will not let you in again.
Try if you will.
Try if you must.
But it will all be for naught.
I am too high above you now.
I am not coming back down.


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