My life has never been a life at all.
I have always been afraid to live it.
Too many hurts.
Too many harms.
To me life has always meant pain and suffering.
The abuse was so life draining.
Like a cut from which I was bleeding out from.
So I chose seclusion.
Separation and isolation.
But it never made a difference.
I still had myself to live with.
My own worst enemy.
I could not get away from myself.
Wherever I went there I was as well.
I was so much more afraid of myself.
I knew just what I was capable of.
I knew exactly how to get to myself.
That's what I did best.
Torment, torture and slowly kill myself.


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  1. Scott, it is clear that you have lived with pain. Hopefully, through the expression of this pain in your poetry, you can become free.



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