I am barely alive.
My heart is still beating.
My lungs still draw breath.
I am alive.
Sometimes I just don't know.
I feel so far away from You.
Even though I know, oh I know, 
  You are here with me.
I don't know why You love me as only You do.
What am I to You?
That You would even bother with me.
But, I am alive.
I am barely alive.
I am alive because of You.
My heart beats because of You.
I breathe because of You.
I cry because I know how much and 
  how many times I have hurt You.
You have so much to give me.
You have shown Your love in so many ways.
Still I am prone to walking away from You.
Oh how You must cry because of me.
Yet You continue to love me.
I am but a broken man.
I am but a speck in this universe.
Even the trees are greater than me.
Still You care about me.
You care for me.
You keep watching over me.
I fall, You pick me up and carry me away.
I look up at You into eyes, showing me
  Your soul.
I see just how much You love me, such as I am.
I see all the hurt there that I put there.
I can never say that I am sorry.
I have done what I did knowingly and willingly.
A dear drops down onto my cheek.
I look up and You are smiling down on me.
That tear washes me clean.
All the stains are washed away.
I am alive.
I am barely alive.
I am alive.
Because You chose to love me first.
You love me.
You are the only one, the only one who can love 
  such as You do.
Your love is just too much for me.
I am just not enough for You.
You deserve more than what I can give.
Oh so much more than even me.
My love for You is weak, for I am a weak man.
Still You accept my love and me as I am.
I am naked, cold and broken.
I don't know what I can say.
I don't know what I can do.
There is nothing worthy of You.
As little as I love You, You love me more
  and more every day.
Your love grows with rising of each and every 
Down on my knees I offer up what little
  love that I do have for You.
I hear You whisper in my ear; "Brother,
  thank you, it is enough, I love you child."
I cry an endless river of tears that become 
  a sea.
I can feel the pain that is breaking my heart 
  for You.
You always comfort me.
You never forsake me.
You stay right with me.
Right here with me.
Here at my side always.
I just don't know of You, I know You.
I just haven't heard of You, I've seen You.
You show me through Your grace.
At my end is where You begin.
I am barely alive.
Still, I am alive.
Lord, I am alive.
Lord, You loved me first.
I am alive in You and You in me.
Lord, thank You.


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  1. I can love because Jesus loved me first. I can live because Jesus lived first. Through His grace i am alive. This is the testimony that His love speaks, and volumes and volumes at that. Lord, thank You,


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