Stand, all, stand.
As of one accord.
Back to back, shoulder to shoulder.
Watching over your brother.
Watching over your sister.
For life is a war.
We are the battlefields.
We need each other, allied.
Chosen as few, becoming many, becoming one.
There is great power and strength in numbers.
As long as those numbers act as one, 
  with like minds, and like hearts.
Down on bloodied knees we fight.
All together now, as one voice.
We will go forth.
As our King goes before us.
We will follow Him even to the death.
For death is the only mortal here.
Love will be the common thread among us.
Love will be the tie that binds us together.
I believe as one we will brave 
  the cold of the darkness.
There is a flame in each one of us.
As one that flame becomes a mighty, 
  raging inferno.
Ignite, set fire to the world!
We are together, forever, as one.
From, for, and of One.
We are one, we must be one, we are one.


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  1. Throughout history every battle fought was fought with armies. Armies comprised of many with one goal in mind and fighting together with that goal in mind. Those armies were all lead by one, and that one only answered to one.
    So too we, as God's chosen few, must become one. That will make us many. "United we stand, divided we fall."
    Love must be the common thread that binds us together.


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