I am just a simple man trying to make his way 
  through this night.
I don't want or expect much.
I just want to make it through intact.
I will walk alone.
This is my path to walk.
I follow the light that shines within me.
I know I will stumble and fall.
I will hurt.
I will be wounded.
I know I will bleed.
I will sojourn on nevertheless.
I believe in this journey.
I believe in the destination awaiting me.
This is why I press on forward.
Knowing all too well it will be a long, tough
At times the straight and narrow becomes
  crooked and broken.
I will want to and will give up at times.
I am only a man, broken and weak.
That light within me speaks to me.
I will not give up.
I will continue on.
I will not be held down, I will not be held back.
Putting another stitch in an open wound I will
  rise to my feet again.
Though the pain be great, my will is greater.
I will continue on the best I can.
Not knowing, maybe a little afraid.
I am a blind man.
I am just a simple man just trying to make his
  way through this night.


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