There is blood on my face.
There is blood on my hands.
My covering is soaked with blood.
I can taste blood on my tongue.
What have I done?
What have I done?!
The sky above is black.
The earth is fissured.
I can hear the mighty rolling 
  of angry thunder.
And the mighty crack of infinitely charged 
I feel torn.
I look up to see a figure hanging deathly still.
The blood on me is his.
What have I done?
What have I done?!
I feel guilty.
I can hear wailing far off.
I feel as though I must run away.
I feel as though I must hide.
I feel there is nowhere to go though.
I look up again and I can see eyes burning a hole
  right through me.
But there is no anger or hate.
Strangely I feel at peace.
I feel as though a weight has been lifted from me.
As I look up one more time.
The figure was gone.
I drop to my knees.
I stare at my blood caked hands.
I begin to shake violently.
My eyes close.
I feel myself tip over.
Then I am awashed in blinding light.
I feel a mighty rushing wind swirl
  all around me.
I am standing now.
I look down at myself, all the blood is gone.
I am dressed in white.
I have been washed clean.
On the inside as with the outside.
Then appears a figure before me, glowing.
He is carrying a figure, one appearing dead.
As I gaze closely I am struck
  with stark horror.
The figure is myself.
Then he, I, is gone just as quickly as it appeared.
Then the original figure is right before me.
The wind swirls all around us.
Bringing us close, I am embraced.
Now I feel a flame burning above me, descending.
I become afraid.
Then I hear a voice, a still, small voice.
"Fear not my brother."
Then the flame becomes a roaring fire.
It comes upon me.
I am surrounded.
I feel the fire penetrate me.
And the figure embracing me is gone.
But I still feel him with me.
Somehow within me.
I feel so alive!
An unexplainable rapture comes upon me.
I feel as though I am soaring way up above the 
Then I am back where I began my journey.
Everything is as it should be, but me.
One journey began a long time ago.
One journey ended.
Then a new one took place far away from here.
Now complete and ends now.
But I feel drawn to walk away.
A new journey now begins.
I feel reborn.
I am me, but not.
So now I will sojourn on.
Onward, upward.
I will journey by myself.
But never alone am I.
There is a presence within me, a burning presence.
Somehow I seem to know which way to go.
A path stretches out before me.
Narrow, long, but straight.
So, I am off, unsure of what is ahead.
Only that I will not be alone in whatever I meet.
I know I have a purpose.
I know I have reason for all this.
I know that there is a destination at the end
  of my time.
To the new horizon my gaze stubbornly is fixed.
Somehow I feel I am journeying home.
And strangely I am not fearful of what lies ahead.
But there is an uneasiness within me.
An unsure feeling deep down.
I feel like I want to go back to where I was.
Suddenly I do fear what lies ahead.
The unknown, the uncontrollable, the uncertain.
My foes, whom I fear.
Then I hear that same still, small voice I heard
  not long ago.
"Fear not my brother, for I am with you always."


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