Have I walked away from me?
Have I lost myself for good this time?
All I know is that I am not here.
So far away.
I know I need to be closer to me.
I know I need to be closer to You.
Without You there will never be a me.
It is Your love for me that gives me identity.
There is nothing without You.
You. You are my life.
You are my heart and my soul.
I feel my heart beat Your Name within 
  this broken man.
I see You move all Heaven and Earth 
  just to bring me back to me.
You bring me back to me always.
Left to my own devices I would be lost.
And most likely gone for good.
I never knew that finding You would mean finding
Who knew?!
The closer to You that I am.
The closer I am to me.
That is what Your grace has done for me.
You took the shattered shell that I was
  and made me whole again.
You overcame me.
Brought me together with myself.
The way that You lived is how I want to live.
How You loved is how I want to love.
I want the same servant's heart that was Yours.
That is who I want to be.
To follow after You.
To be closer to You is to be closer to me.


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