You are here, Jesus You are here.
I feel Your hand upon me.
I feel Your presence all around.
This place is filled with Your warmth.
You are the light here.
All I can see is You, Jesus I can see You!
You cover me.
You wrap me up.
I am Yours, You are mine.
Forever I am with You.
Forever I am for You.
For I love You, Jesus, Saviour.
You are my first love, my only love.
I love because You love.
I live because You live.
You are why I am still here.
You give my life reason.
You give my life purpose.
Even when I forget about You.
You are still faithful to me.
Never left alone, never forsaken.
I am not left on my own.
You come running after me 
  every timer that I wander away.
I don't know why, nor do I need to know why.
You love me, oh, You love me!
When down, You come and pick me up, 
  carrying me away.
I am lost without You.
I am afraid and feeling numb.
I cannot exist apart from You.
You are a part of me.
You make me a better me.
You make me me.
You give me definition.
Without You in my life I have no life.
You are my life, my whole life!
Beginning and end.
My whole life You will always be my whole life.
My One and Only.
Beginning and end, my whole life.


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  1. Apart from Jesus I am nothing. When I wander away He always comes after me. Without Him I am lost. I love Him Jesus, Saviour.


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