I just wanted to live my life.
Stay below the radar.
That would suit me just fine.
Till you came along.
You took all this away.
Took my feelings and emotions
  and shattered them on the ground.
My innocence died that moment.
All the joy and happiness left me there alone.
You words were arrows straight through my 
They were like fists to my face.
They bruised and cut me deeply.
They just could not be seen, they were on the 
Where only I could see them all too well.
My tears were cold almost frozen.
Your laughter kicked the back of my head.
As your feet did too.
You never felt anything for me.
I was beneath you.
You treated me as such.
What did I ever do to you to deserve this?
I don't deserve this, not any of it.
I just wanted to live my life, 
  staying out of trouble.
But you would have none of it.
You made sure that I suffered.
You tormented and tortured me without stopping.
You told me I was nothing.
No one liked me.
I was an outcast and would always be.
Oh God, how am I supposed to deal with this?
Where are you?
I cannot take this any more.
I am way beyond my breaking point.
Is this your perfect will?
Does this bring glory to you?
All I know is that I hurt so very much.
It haunts me both day and night, 
  even when alone.
You are in my head.
You are ripping my mind to shreds.
You have torn my soul apart.
You have killed so much of who I am.
There isn't much of me left any more.
Oh God, where are you?
I cannot take this any more.
I give up, I give in.
I just want it to stop.
I just want it to end.
I can only see one way out.
As you say to me every day.
I should die.
I am nothing anyway.
You and everyone else hates me.
I want to die!
This is my last resort.
I will draw the lines into my wrists.
I will bleed out.
Will that make you happy?
Will that satisfy your hate for me?
I will leave now.
I'm never coming back.
I cut the lines deep into my wrists.
I fade to grey.
I fade to black.
I am no more.
Just as you wanted it.
Nothing to nothing.
Now just air in the wind.
Silence is all that remains.
It was the silence that killed me.
My silence, my fear killed me.
You killed me!



  1. This is what bullying and all forms of abuse add up to. The sum of everything here is suicide. It cannot be ignored any more. So many have suffered in silence needlessly and so many have died in silence needlessly.

  2. yes I know that place but Jesus lifted me out from it & it wasn't Him doing the tormenting I was deceived by Satan - bless you Today & at this time of celebrating the One Who saves


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