I see the world through a broken window.
I feel so cold.
It rips right through me.
I am in tatters.
My face is marred.
I wear many scars.
I still bleed from many wounds.
My heart is scar tissue.
Hard and calloused.
I feel broken, half a man.
Now I am looking into a broken mirror.
My fist meets that broken mirror and shatters it.
I don't want to look at the reflection there.
I am ashamed and afraid.
I seem so far from myself.
I cannot even see myself any more.
Lost somewhere along the way.
Now quiet and alone.
Shivering from the cold.
Tears are frozen on my face.
I am a broken man surrounded by broken walls.
I stare up into blood red skies.
I look at my surroundings.
I see a scorched earth.
Everything has been razed.
I look away.
I close my eyes.
I let out a big sigh.
It's hard for me to believe in these conditions.
This world is broken and so am I.
It's hard for me to keep hope alive.
I seem to be all alone.
My world is in ruins as so am I.
What still stands is cracked and crumbling.
The only sound I hear is the silence screaming 
  in my mind.
Oh, how endless are the echoes.
I close my eyes tight.
I spit poison out.
Anger grips me tight.
Rage cuts me apart.
There is no more order to this world.
Everything seems to be in anarchy.
Totally void of all law and reason.
All is dead or burning.
This is the world around me, 
  the world that I see.
My vision is distorted.
My sight is clouded.
I see only the grey.
I am a broken man looking through
  a broken window.


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  1. I am looking at a broken world as a broken man, all that I see is broken.


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