You know where what you are looking for is.
You can find yourself in yourself.
You can find strength there.
You can find courage there.
You can find hope there.
You can faith there.
You can find power there.
You can find truth there.
You can find love there.
It all depends on you.
It all starts with you.
Wherever you go there you are.
You can believe in you.
You are all this and more.
You have wings so soar.
Up above the heavens.
Don't ever come back down.
Soar, soar, soar.
You are ready.
The time is now.
Right here, right now.
Go on, soar, you can do it.
Remember believe, it will surely be.
You are not lacking.
You are not needing.
No, not of anything!
You have and are everything that is who
  you are.
As a star does, shine.
As an eagle does, soar.
You are you!
That is not just something.
That is everything and more.
You are more.


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