I wander around alone, in circles it seems.
It makes me dizzy sometimes.
I walk away and then there I am again.
I am in a constant state of confusion.
"Why am I here?" I cry aloud.
The tears they fall freely.
Like the flood gates have been opened wide.
I look back on where I've been.
It's then I realize that I haven't gone anywhere.
Sadness and anger hit me hard then.
All this time.
All these years, wasted!
Where am I supposed to go from here?
And where am I exactly?
Wherever I look I am alone.
I am so cold, wet and tired.
It all bites right into my soul.
My heart barely beats as it bleeds out.
And I am bleeding internally.
Who is going to rescue me?
Who is going to save me from myself?
I certainly cannot.
I have lost myself somewhere along the way.
All this wandering has done me ill.
I reach out a withered hand.
Hoping above hope that someone will take a hold of it.
Someone please....!


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