I can see you.
I can see you in all you do.
You cannot hide from me.
For I am omnipresent.
You tried to bring me down once.
But it was you who fell.
You thought you could be higher than me.
But it is I who is above all.
I am that I Am.
Prophecy is upon you.
Heaven will open up.
I will come forth.
This time as the Mighty Roaring Lion.
Death will follow me.
You will be put asunder.
Thrown away in fire forever and all eternity.
Do what you will.
Know this: It is but for a short while.
Your time is almost run out.
Do not think you will win, not for a
  single second.
There will be a rapture.
Then you will have your time.
Then Heaven and all its hosts will descend.
A mighty rage of angels will raze all 
  you've done.
Then I will come for you.
I will come to you.
In all my glory and blinding countenance.
Then judgement.
For you and Legion, and all you 
  have enslaved.
You will burn in the Lake of Fire.
For all eternity.
Then the Day of the Lord.
There will be peace never ending.
I, on my Throne of Glory.
I shall reign, I shall reign!


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