Have you gone away?
Have you left me behind?
Because it sure feels that way.
All alone and scared.
My prayers sound like echoes.
I just don't know if you're even listening.
I feel empty inside.
Exposed and cold.
Lost with no shelter.
With nowhere to go.
My mind is consumed with despair.
I feel as though my life is dead.
I've grown so weary.
I just want to withdraw.
Hide within myself.
But, in this desperate time I can still hear you.
I can still feel you holding onto me.
Still holding me up.
It's just I get so far away.
Away from myself.
So far away from you.
But somehow I always know you are close.
Even though I convince myself otherwise.
I know I can still hold onto you.
You will never let me down.
So if I'm going to get lost I want to get lost in you.
Safe, warm, sheltered, and assured.
So when I turn and walk away from you.
Please come after me and take me back.
You are home.


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