Beaten up, beaten down.
The torment continues.
In a life of torture.
I am followed wherever I go.
Haunted both night and day.
I cannot get the voices out of my mind.
I am even taunted when I am alone.
Hiding in my room.
Crying into a tear stained pillow.
Will it ever end?
Will they ever go away?
I just want to be left alone.
I am wounded body, soul and mind.
I am dying in silence.
Oh, the silence is deafening.
I no longer believe in peace of mind.
There is only hurt, pain, anger and rage in me.
My so-called life is one of fear and anguish.
I would do anything to make all this stop.
I would do anything to kill the pain.
I would do anything to silence the voices.
I am trying to hide myself.
My feelings always give me away.
I am nothing to anyone.
Just their favourite plaything.
I am weary of being a punching bag.
But my feelings matter not to anyone.
I cannot take anymore.
I'm not strong enough.
I'd cry out but I just choke on my words.
I am desperate.
This must stop.
This must end.
I have one last resort.
Close my eyes.
Draw lines into my skin.
The silence will wash over me.
Taking me under.
With no good-bye.
I will cease.
As if I ever really existed in the first place.
My last thought is that you all murdered me.


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  1. This is in answer to this girl who recently committed suicide due to relentless bullying. She didn't commit suicide, she was murdered. The bully or bullies are the guilty party or parties. I hope they understand what they did and it stays with them for the rest of their lives. Did you have your fun? Are you happy now? A precious life is no more, and you get to live. Where's the justice in that?


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