The day crawls.
I live with torment.
It hurts when I breathe.
The moment keeps hitting me.
I am so weary.
I am so angry.
I am down and held down.
Living is torture.
The pain comes at me from the front.
The pain comes at me from up behind.
The pain comes at me from both flanks.
I am surrounded.
Not even a crack to escape.
I am pierced.
I am fallen.
My vision is hazy.
I choke on the stench of a dead life.
Thorns wrap 'round me.
Slowly I am bleeding out.
I continue to hemorrhage within.
I am cold.
Naked, I shiver violently.
Lying on scorched earth.
Caustic rain falls down on me.
Melting me.
Consuming me.
So I close my eyes.
I'm at my end.
I scream: "NO MORE, NO MORE!"
I've had enough.
I can't take any more.
I'm just not strong enough.
My whole world has fallen in on me.
I squint my eyes hard.
I clench my jaw tight.
And so I lay there dying.
Waiting to be a feast for the vultures 
  circling overhead.
Pick clean my bones.
Leave nothing left.


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