In my weakness and distress I called out to Him
  and He answered.
I am blessed with His grace.
I am blessed with His unfailing love.
My hope is in my faith which is in my Lord God
  Jesus Christ.
My Redeemer, Saviour, in whom I rest assured.
I fear nothing and no one.
In my weakness He makes me strong so that 
  I may stand and weather the storms.
Before God alone do I kneel.
Before God alone do I bow.
I am but a broken man, by nature a sinner,
  unclean and unworthy.
But He, by His grace, has made me 
  clean and worthy, worthy to praise Him.
My Lord, my God.
My sole reason for existing.
Because He first loved me.
I can in turn love Him, and thus love myself.
Loving my brothers and sisters.
I have unwavering hope, steadfast faith,
  and undying love for my God above all.
And for all of my family in my life.
Thank You Lord.


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