You've been trying to hide.
Your burdens, your hurt and your pain.
Beloved I can see you.
I will carry all your burdens.
I will take away all your hurt and your pain.
Go on; lay them down.
I can see that you are weary.
Why don't you take your rest in my embrace?
Can't you see I'm right there with you?
Just close your eyes, you'll see me.
I am there in your empty room.
I see the lines you draw on your arms.
I see the angry words you write down.
I see the tears that stain your pillow.
I watch the mirror break.
As you cry out for release.
I am the only one there holding you.
I am the only one who understands.
I feel everything you do.
Listen to me: "I love you, I gave all I had
   for you, right here, right now. I am here
     you can feel me, I love you, 
       it's going to be okay."
As I take you, you can take me.
I have all your tears, every one accounted for.
Let your tears fall.
Let your fears fall.
I have you.
I see you. 
I know you.
I'm speaking to you.
Beloved please, please hear me.
I desperately love you.
I only want you to know me.
I know all you hide.
I remember all that you hide.
I see all, I can take it all.
Just give it all to me.
Begin to live again for the first time.
I am your life.
Wherever, whenever, whatever.
It does not matter.
Nothing else matters other than you to me.
I moved all of Heaven and the Earth for you.
I died the most tormented, tortured of deaths
  for you.
I descended into the deepest, darkest for you.
Then I came back for you.
Now I am here with you.
You and only you.
You are no longer alone.
No more dying inside.
You are alive with me.
I know you want to die.
Because you are so sick and tired
  of being so sick and tired.
I will not let you.
I will give you life instead.
Here I am, arms open wide.
Come to me.
Let me carry all that you do.
Let me carry you.
Oh beloved.


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