The days grow short.
The nights become endless.
The light shrinks.
The dark grows.
More and more I become weary.
More and more I feel that I cannot go on.
There is chaos within me.
Clarity weakens.
I know only confusion.
If I could just close my eyes and make it all go away.
Fear grips me like an iron vice.
The more I struggle the more it tightens.
I can feel the life being squeezed from me.
My bones, they snap like kindling.
I can hear the laughter all around me.
As I scream in agony.
But no one hears.
I am the tree in the forest that falls.
As I build walls around me.
Just six walls, no door, no window.
I live in an absence of light.
I live in total absence.
Someone please hear me.
Someone please rescue me.
Heal me of my affirmaties.
Heal me of my afflictions.
This silence is slowly killing me.
I am isolated.
Deep down a dark and dank hole.
I keep my eyes closed.
For one darkness for another.
A cast away.
 A prisoner of self.
Who's going to save me?
Save me from myself.
God, are You there?
Please hear me.
Where all else ignores me.
There is a hole where my heart should be.
Please kill the evil angel wrapped around me.
You are my only hope.
You are all that I know.
All that I have.
Without You I am nothing.
I will and have become nothing.
I cannot retreat.
For I have been running for my whole life.
I cannot any more.
I cannot surrender.
For I have and am nothing to give up.
God please.
I trust You.
I am holding on.
But just barely.
Down on my hands ad knees.
Head held down.
Sweat dripping from my brow like blood from an open wound.
I breathe shallow.
As I drop to the ground face down.
God please come.
Lift me up and take me away.
I don't want to die.
Not like this.
I'm not ready to die.
Not just yet.
Please give me refuge.
Shelter me from the deluge.
Be my strength.
I am crying out to You.
God please.
Don't let me down.
I give up.
I give myself up to You.
I am Yours.
I belong to You.
For You have heard me.
You have saved me.
You came for me.
When everyone gave up on me.
Even myself.


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