You come to me night after night.
Day after day.
Night after night.
And day after day.
Your voice is but a whisper to my ears,
But a scream to my mind.
You laugh as I cry.
You sip from my tears.
Laughing all the louder.
In my mind those tears are my blood.
My life.
As it is slowly draining away.
My torment is your pleasure.
You keep pushing me down. 
But I keep getting back up.
I will continue to do so till I draw my final breath.
You do not know that you will draw yours first.
And that I never will.
For it has been foretold.
Your doom is already sealed.
There will come a day.
A day you think you have triumphed.
But it will be the day that you are cut down.
It will be the day you drown in a burning lake of fire.
You see, you are the only mortal here.
So, do your best, or is it; your worst?
It will all be for naught.
My day will come.
When I will know no more pain.
There will be no more mourning, no more tears to be shed.
I almost pity you.
You do not even realize what is coming.
But I shall not.
You deserve it all and everything.
You have had your time here on Earth, but that time is almost run out.
Your debt is about to come due.
And you will find yourself without.
But you still shall pay, you shall pay with your so-called life.
As you drown in the flames.
Death will come due.
You will be the one to pay.
All you have done will come back on you a hundred fold.
There will be no pardon for you.
For the pardon was given me some time ago.
So come to me all you will.
Come at me all you want.
You are just heaping more and more burning coals upon your head.
As all my scars heal.
All my pain will be wiped away as if it never happened.
No more harms to torture me.
For all that was mine, and all that was everyone else's shall become yours.
For once and for last.
All will be on you as you drown.


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