I don't remember where I have been.
I only know that I have been somewhere, or is it nowhere?
I know I am feeling hurt and pain.
I can see all the harms and all the wounds.
I can see all the scars too.
I do remember what came down on me.
I do remember what came around from behind me.
I remember all the hurt feelings.
I remember all the scared emotions.
I know I have been lied to, betrayed and used.
Is it me, may be, I just do not know.
So, here I am.
Just where is it that I am?
It seems so familiar.
All that I know for sure is that I am afraid.
I don't feel like I belong here.
A stranger in a strange land.
A misfit, an outcast, a no one.
I wonder, where did these feelings come from?
So unsure, so confused.
And I don't know where I am going.
How can I make it through all of this hell?
When I don't know if there is anything ahead for me.
Tell me, what does "just live in the moment" mean?
I'm starting to feel dizzy from walking around in circles.
'Round and 'round I go, then down I go.
Now, I know I have been here before.
I know this is where I always seem to be.
It's probably where I will always be.
The only and one thing I know beyond all uncertainty is that I just do not know.


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