You tell me how my life is.
You tell me how it should be.
You tell me how to live it.
Tell me this; what gives you the right to tell me how to live?
You don't even know me.
You don't even see me.
I don't care about your intentions.
I don't care about about what you mean.
You are so arrogant.
You are so ignorant.
This is my life!
Only I decide how I should live.
Not you, not ever!
You are a fool.
I don't want any of your folly.
I will not swallow any of your fodder.
Do you really think that you know better than me?
Just how I should be living.
What kind of person I should be.
Because, I must say, "You do no such thing!"
Go back to your own miserable life.
Leave mine alone.
Stay out of mine.
You are not welcome.
Take your hollow words and keep them to yourself.
I am no longer listening.
All I am hearing is just babble to me.
So just go!
You are not needed.
I'm the one who will live this life, such as it is.
The choice is mine to make.
I am the one who will decide.
Not you!
Go slither back into the little dark hole from where you came.
I do not care about you.
Or anything you have to say.
This is my life to live.
And I am going to live it.
The best I can.


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