I don't want to live forever.
The time I have is just fine.
I don't need to remain forever young.
I've lived my yesterdays.
I have a new path to take.
New ventures to seek.
A tomorrow to look for.
And a today to live.
I have all I need.
And I am content with just that.
What more could there possibly be?
I am not left wanting for anything.
My own selfish desires have been satisfied.
I will take no more.
Instead I will give what I can.
I see the scars from old wounds.
I still remember from which they came from.
I can see how far I have been brought.
Never alone was I.
Those scars remind me of the grace that was shown me.
And the grace that I still know.
I cannot say everything is just alright.
For that would be a lie.
No I'm not okay.
But that is okay.
I still have a life to live.
And I still have some time to use.
I will continue to try my best.
And to always give my best.
I may never be perfect.
But that does not mean that I will not at least try.
I have a journey to make.
New paths to follow.
All my hope is in One.
I will always trust in His way.
I remember that I have never been left alone.
Even though I have lost sight of that from time to time.
Here I am.
Off I will go.
Using the time I have left the best that I can.
Inviting some to share in it with me.
I will not live forever.
But eternity awaits me.
That is where all my paths will lead.
I will not cease till I am back home.
No matter how weary and faint I become.
Home is where I want to be.
Forever will I forget in time.


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