Fragile hearts.
Damaged hearts.
Torn souls.
Tattered souls.
Cracked minds.
Crumbling minds.
Scorched memories.
Scorched emotions.
Black moods.
Feelings that lie.
Betrayal of self.



  1. Having problems posting to the community. Maybe it'll work tomorrow :)

    1. Hey Sandi,
      Give it about another 10 days or so.
      I'm being punished for "violating" Google's terms of conduct, whichever I did, I don't really know.
      I'm limited to only being able to watch everything posted and +1.
      I'm cut off from interacting with anyone,even those in my own communities. Sheesh!
      I'm also cut off from sharing anything, even to public from my own profile.
      The only thing I can figure is that I noticed that it was illegal to add people to my circles aggressively. So, as far as I can figure is that it's because I recently joined a lot of poetry communities last Wed. I think I may have gone overboard.
      So, until my restriction is lifted nothing can be shared to the communities.
      You could try and post it to your blog, if you're on blogger. You might then be able to share my post, since technically you're sharing your own blog.
      If you could do a favour for me though, if you could leave a message for me, explaining my current circumstances to my communities that you are a member of. Thanks. God bless & Godspeed dear sister.


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