I have fallen.
  You pushed me.
  I know you just do not care.
  You put all the blame all on me.
  I do not understand why.
  Out of spite?
  Out of malice?
  Do you even realize?
  I think you do.
  As you kick me as I lie down here
in a pool of my own blood.
  I cry out.
  My pleas go unheard or ignored.
  I swear I see you smiling.
  Through my tears.
  I extend my hand in an offer of peace.
  You grasp it.
  But I can see your other hand behind
your back with fingers crossed.
  There is a smile on your face.
  As you bask in your seemingly triumph.
  I am left here bleeding internally.
  The damage you caused is unseen by
  I doubt you would care anyway.
  I pick myself up and limp away.
  Holding my broken heart in my hand.
  There is great pain.
  My soul is torn.
  Then I stumble and fall.
  I cannot go on.
  Too many wounds, too much that
was lost.


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  1. Straight... I feel this style of writing, it is inspiring, ima keep an eye out for more inspiration. peace.


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