The dark is cold and foreboding.
I can feel eyes watching me.
The chill is bone numbing.
I can feel fear's dank breath upon the back 
   of my neck.
I can feel him take hold.
As I try to find a way out of here.
But can see none.
Seemingly there is a total absence of light.
I feel as though I am spinning 
   around and around.
Making me sick to my stomach.
I can hear laughter from all around.
But I cannot see where it comes from.
I am barely holding together.
I can feel the pressure on the hinges.
I can feel the seams unravelling.
As my heartstrings begin snapping.
I am coming apart.
I am being pulled down.
I fight for control.
I can barely keep my head above the water.
I am growing weary.
I ache.
Heartache and soulache.
I am fading away.
From grey into the black.
But, I am not ready to die.
No, not yet!
I still have hope to hold onto.
I am never letting go.
Hope is rising.
Just when I thought I was down and out.
And love has come right on time.
I will rise above all this.
With renewed strength.
And revived courage.
Love has cast all the fear away.
My heart and soul are breathing once again.
The dark has no more hold over me.
I am mindful of the eyes still watching me.
I may be free, but I am not clear.
Fear still stalks me.
I cannot let my guard down, not for one second.
I depend on love to guard my fragile heart.
I will hold onto hope even tighter now.
Faith is all I have now.
Faith is all I need now.
Greater is He who is in me
   than he who is in the world.
I will persevere.
I will believe.
No matter what.
Come what may, come what might.
I will not dismay.
I will not despair.
I will fear no evil.
I will resist! I will resist! I will resist!


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