There has been only one love I have known.
There has only been One who ever loved me.
Even with all my flaws and brokenness.
I felt His love all the stronger.
He was there to pick me up when I had fallen.
No one ever cared that much.
I pushed them away and they let me.
Not Jesus, He has always remained 
   loyal and true.
Always faithful.
He never left me alone as I cried.
He never left me alone even when I yelled to do.
No matter how hard I fought.
He remained.
No anger, no hate, no judgement, only love.
I could see it in His eyes.
Burning like a flame that reached out to me.
His Spirit was so calming, so soothing.
He was always able to put my beast to rest.
He always said to me, "Brother, I love you."
That always made all the difference in me.
Just a lonely, lost soul was I.
He came to me, right where I was.
He sat with me, as I sat alone in the dark
   of my room.
He caught all the tears that I shed.
He did not care what I had done.
He did not care where I had been.
All the evil and wickedness I had said 
   and done.
All of the same I had seen.
The shame I was feeling.
All the anger, self-destructiveness,
   and the self loathing.
Jesus reached right into my heart and 
   took it all away.
He gave me back my innocence.
He restored me.
He redeemed me.
He justified me.
My Lord, my Saviour.
It was His grace alone that saved me.
And throughout all of my years.
Even when I did not see Him.
It was His unfailing love that kept me
   safe and sound.
Even when I was coming all undone.
And when everything was falling down
   on me.
He was the one who came and rescued me.
He was, He is, He will always be my first love.
Jesus, my one and only love.
Emmanuel, God with us.
My first love to this very day and beyond.
I cannot love without His love.
I can love now because He first loved me.


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