If something is wrong, what will you do?
If someone lies, what will you say?
The truth we hear nowadays is veiled in 
Can you see it?
Can you hear it?
You know what is right, but will you do it?
In a world grown silent, will you be a voice?
Even if you are mocked and ridiculed?
There was once a Man who did just that,
   He was a lone voice in a desert world.
Not only was He mocked and ridiculed,
   He was nailed to a tree and crucified.
Would you give your life for what He preached?
His message was simple; love God, love others.
For that He was murdered.
He took what we all deserve.
Will you ever stand tall and shout, 
   "I am not ashamed!"
Then speaking of what He spoke of.
You will surely face the same mocking 
   and ridicule that He did.
Do you have the courage to speak?
Even in the face of death.
Will you runaway as His disciples did?
Will you boldly stand firm?
They are all deceivers, and you know it!
Will you be the lone voice of reason and truth?
Jesus came to destroy religion.
He came to save the sinner not the righteous.
They deny it.
They preach murder, mayhem, and anarchy.
As a way into Heaven.
Even though there is only One who can take
   you there.
He said He was the Way, the Truth, 
   and the Life.
Do you believe it?
Deep down in your very heart.
Do you believe it?
Or will you deny all and just walk away?
Your silence will surely mean death.
Your silence will surely bring atrocities
We all need to unite.
We all need to scream, "Hey! That's not right!"
Then push it back to where it came from.
Hell does not belong on Earth.
And evil does not have the right to make the
   false real.
And yet, that's just what is going on.
Billions have been deceived.
I can hear God's own heart break.
Can you?
Come, lets stand together.
As imitators, being all like-minded in One.
There is no truth in this world.
There is no love in this world.
We have to be the ones, be the ones to show it.
That real truth and real love are there 
   just for the accepting.
The cost has been paid in full.
No payment on delivery.
It is done.
But so many don't know it.
The little men pretending to be gods try 
   to cover what can be seen.
Knowing full well it will pass away.
Forgetting the unseen is eternal.
What are we going to do now?


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