I am a monster.
You did this to me.
You took the innocence from me.
And I hate you for that.
I want you dead.
I want to see you hanging from the rafters.
I want to see your blood pooling on the floor.
What am I supposed to do now?
You took my life away.
And the life I am left with is dead.
I walk my crooked path alone.
With anger and rage in my stone cold heart.
Hate is consuming me.
Despair is my friend.
Loneliness a favourite companion.
The only place I find solace.
Then I remember.
Screaming so loud my lungs tore apart.
Along with them I tear out my heart.
It's of no use to me any more.
Now I live to hunt you down.
With frozen blood in my veins.
Nothing will keep me from my appointed journey.
This is my hell.
You put me here.
You are my very own demon.
As you tore me, I will tear you.
I'd rip out your heart if you had one.
I'd take your soul, but you have none.
Better keep looking back over your shoulder.
You never know, I might just be there.
Somewhere, lurking, somewhere out there.
I am someone for you to fear.
I will put you down.
You will drown in a burning lake of fire.
The water your own blood.
I laugh, Oh, I will laugh.
After what you did to me.
A monster, all I'll ever be.
A monster worse than you.
I will make hell your very own prison cell.
You will hear my cries and my screams
   for all of eternity.
And I will watch with a smile on my face.
You made me this monster.
But look who I have devoured!



  1. Wow! Intense! I remember being angry like that.

  2. Anonymous10/4/13 22:35

    I just found your blog via Google+, and this, the first piece I've read, resonates so deeply with me. I just had to tell you how much I enjoyed it.


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