Hide if you will.
Wait for the darkness to go away.
But, it never will.
Do not pretend.
Do not be presumptuous.
Apathy kills.
You just don't realize you are clothed in filth.
You are infected.
Puss pours from your broken flesh.
This is your own sin.
What will you do?
Turn a blind eye?
Or look and see.
That only He can make you clean.
But you have to reveal yourself.
Accept what you are.
A sinner with a dangerous sin nature.
Admit it, throw it off.
He is the last  Sin Eater.
You are nothing.
You have not love.
You just make noise.
You just babble on.
Thinking you are righteous.
Oh, the piety!
Oh, pitiful one!
Your tower to self will crumble 
   and fall into dust.
Do not believe in vain.
There is no glory for you.
You deceive yourself.
You believe all your lies to be truth.
You will devour yourself.
Oh, pleasant to men!
Locked away in your sanctuary of rose coloured
   stained glass.
Your light is artificial.
Your righteousness, rags.
You're broken and don't even know it.
You call yourself good.
You call yourself god.
Your fall is coming.
You will drown in your own 
   burning pool of blood.
Judgement will be yours.
Oh, Lucifer, son of the morning,
   angel of light.
Leader of all, leader of none.
With no love, all are nothing.
So you will receive emptiness.
This is what you are bringing on yourself.
No one else will be there to blame.
You will have all this willingly.
I doubt you will be glad though.
Do not tell.
You are inside out.
With an imminent implosion.
Do you really think this will just go away?
As long as you feel good.
You are deceived.



  1. This guys is pretty interesting. You may get some ideas for songs

    1. It's just me. I have been considering putting these to music as spoken word poems.


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