You have been beat and abused, you are broken.
You cry an endless torrent of tears.
You want to end it all.
You cannot take any more.
You feel all alone, seemingly.
You would reach out, but for your lack of
You just want it all to stop.
You do not see or feel any more hope.
You lie in pieces on the cold, stained ground.
Naked and frozen there.
Please do not give up, or give in.
You are not the sum of all that you feel.
Feelings lie!
Please hold on, hold out one more night.
Just one more day.
Then one more night, one more day.
Listen to the whisper in your heart.
"Please do not stop now, you are still alive!"
Listen to that still, small voice.
"Keep giving it one more try."
The healing will come soon enough.
There is great comfort while healing.
Fear not any more.
You are stronger than you think.
Stand, take back your life!
No one can take it from you.
Just stand, live, fight!


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